Art Celebration

Thank you to those who were able to attend the celebration of our work in the Art Studio.  If you were not able to make it here are some photos of our work based around the book Augustus and His Smile.

We listened to some riddles about sea creatures a clue at a time and used these clues to discuss in our learning buddies what the creature could be and write down our ideas.


We had a go at making observational drawings of sea creatures.  We gave each other feedback and then made a second draft to help us improve our picture.  Some of us did a third and fourth draft!

We used a pencil to transfer our pictures to poly board ready for printing.

We used rollers to apply the ink to the board and worked collaboratively to press the board onto the paper.

1 thought on “Art Celebration

  1. We think your class blog is brilliant! We enjoyed looking at the photographs of you working in the art studio, it looked like you were having a fantastic time. We also liked solving your riddle!

    3ES 🙂

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