This week in Year 1ED

This week we have been getting used to been back in our own classroom after our Arts Fortnight with Mrs Johnston.  We have new challenge areas in the classroom, the purpose of which is to help encourage children to work collaboratively as ‘team ants’ and also extend their learning.  Each week Miss Edwards and I will choose ‘Challange Champions’ who have been working particularly hard in the challenge areas.

During our learning about the Great Fire of London in History we have found out that the fire started in a bakery.  The children have helped to set up our very own bakery and have been busy designing and naming their own cupcakes this week!

Our small world area is set up with fire engines and various roads for children to act out their very own modern day rescues.  They have been challenged to build different routes with the roads and send the fire engines on different rescue missions.  Some of them have even added their own lego buildings which were on ‘fire!’

In our reading area the children have been acting out the story of the Great Fire of London.

We have even used the fire engines in our maths lesson on ordinal numbers… they had a race and we had to award rosettes to 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.


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