The children have been investigating capacity in maths.  They took part in a range of practical challenges such as ‘Which container holds the most water?’ They also had a go at completing a word problem as a team, which involved ordering a set of clue cards.

Planting Sunflower Seeds

During our science lesson last week the children chose either a ‘Giant sunflower’ or a ‘Little Leo sunflower’ seed to plant.  When we arrived in class on Monday we noticed that some of them had started to grow.  We will be keeping sunflower diaries to help us observe the changes over the next few weeks.

Can you write some instructions to explain how to plant a seed year 1?

Comparing homes past and present

The class enjoyed our history lesson about comparing homes this week.  We found out lots of information about what a kitchen would have been like 100 years ago.  Then we thought about features of modern day kitchens that are similar and different.  The children made careful drawings and wrote sentences about what they had found out.  Extra points were handed out for anyone that used conjunctions correctly in their sentences.

Our Trip to Harewood House!

On Monday we had a fantastic trip to Harewood House.  We enjoyed having a guided tour of the house and seeing how splendid it is inside.  The weather was beautiful so we had fun exploring the bird garden and the formal gardens.  Thank you to the parent volunteers who were able to come and help.

Art Celebration

Thank you to those who were able to attend the celebration of our work in the Art Studio.  If you were not able to make it here are some photos of our work based around the book Augustus and His Smile.

We listened to some riddles about sea creatures a clue at a time and used these clues to discuss in our learning buddies what the creature could be and write down our ideas.


We had a go at making observational drawings of sea creatures.  We gave each other feedback and then made a second draft to help us improve our picture.  Some of us did a third and fourth draft!

We used a pencil to transfer our pictures to poly board ready for printing.

We used rollers to apply the ink to the board and worked collaboratively to press the board onto the paper.