Thank you!

Each week in class one of the children is chosen to be the Year 1 DC Special Friend.  As well as getting to sit on a special chair all week, they have time each day where they can bring in things to show the class and talk about them.  The class respond by asking them questions.

On Friday Rio brought something in that was a little bit unusual…one of his pets.  The class loved hearing all about it, but I think Mrs Carter was the most excited!


This week we used Textease to make a seascape and label our sea creatures. We learnt how we could resize and rotate our fish and also how to hide them behind the seaweed or bring them in front of the seaweed.

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Guided reading

On Tuesday my guided reading group worked particularly hard. We read the book in pairs and then as a group.  The children had to follow the text carefully and ‘jump in’ when requested! The next day they worked with Mrs Woodthorpe to identify verbs in the story. Then they had a go at thinking of some alternative verbs and writing their own sentences. Well done!