Describing the wolf

This week we have continued our work around the story ‘The Three Little Pigs’ with a focus on the big, bad wolf!  We began by finding out what an adjective is. Then we had a go at coming up with a range of adjectives to describe the wolf.  We used the adjectives to build sentences which describe the wolf.  Tomorrow the children will have a go at an independent piece of writing about the wolf to ‘show off’ the skills they have been learning this week.

Working collaboratively in Literacy

We have been listening to the Three Little Pigs in class and now we are learning to retell it off by heart.  To help us do this we have created a story map.  The children had to work collaboratively and it was great fun!

Some of us collected sticks to make the house of sticks!

Creating our giant story map!


Working Collaboratively

This week we have been thinking about how we can work together and learn from each other.  This was particularly successful in our computing lesson where we have been learning to log on independently and access an art package.  We had some ‘experts’ who helped to show others what to do.  The rest of the children had to observe the experts carefully and try and copy what they did.

Once we had mastered what to do then we had to teach another child how to do it!


Thank you!

Miss Edwards and I have been really impressed with the homework we received this week in your topic books and sound of the week book.  Thank you very much for working so hard on them at home.  Here are a few examples!

Welcome to Year 1 ED

What a wonderful start Year 1ED have had!  Miss Edwards and I have been very impressed with the children’s attitude to learning and motivation towards the classroom challenges they have been set.

The children approached our first independent write with a ‘have a go’ attitude!

During our maths lessons the children have worked hard to show us what they already know.  We have been working with our learning partner to order numbers to 10 and 20 and use appropriate maths vocabulary such as smallest, biggest and largest.  The children have also enjoyed playing a game involving solving addition and subtraction questions.

Hello World!

Welcome to class 1DC at Allerton CE Primary School in Leeds. Here, under the careful guidance of Mrs Duba and Miss Edwards, we will blog to the Big Wide World.

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